Best drywall contractors for Drywall Framing in Ottawa

Drywall framing is essential for drywall. Without the right Drywall Framing in Ottawa, drywall installations are not successful. A perfectly designed and constructed frame is behind every wall and ceiling. It keeps everything sturdy and efficient.
Renos. Solutions is a professional framing and drywall contractor that takes pride in its work and provides excellent customer service. We are happy to help you create the perfect space, whether a new basement or an upgraded drywall steel drop ceiling.

What is Drywall Framing?

The interior structure on which the plasterboard hangs is called drywall framing. For drywall construction that lasts, a drywall framer is responsible for creating a strong skeleton. Frames can be used to support structural backup, insulation, electrical, and plumbing needs, as well as for electricity and plumbing. It is necessary for almost all sheetrock jobs.
Some of the most common tasks that our team takes on are:

  • Drywall ceiling framing
  • How to build a drywall door frame
  • Modifying or adding to a basement wall structure
  • General basement framing, drywall prep
  • Drywall partition framing
  • Ceiling framing suspended drywall
  • Framing damage can be repaired
  • Replacing metal screws drywall
  • Framing ductwork to create drywall and spaces for electrical wiring
  • Replace the door frame with drywall
We have experienced and well-known drywall contractors for drywall framing in Ottawa. Our clients can trust us to provide the highest quality work.

What materials are used for framing drywall?

A ceiling framing for drywall is different from a wall. Sheetrock framing can be done with either steel or wood. While wood is often used for home restorations and commercial construction, steel is more commonly used.
Nevertheless, this is changing as steel becomes more widely available and preferred in residential construction. Steel doesn't split, decay, or attract termites and will never catch fire. It's also moisture resistant, making it great for a framed basement wall or bathroom. While steel has numerous advantages over wood, it's more challenging to manage and install. Furthermore, it's also more complicated to shape and cut since specific saws are needed.
The most common framing material is wood. Wood is easier to cut and shape and can support a lot more weight. Wood is also cheaper, making it more affordable. Wood is susceptible to moisture and humidity damage, so it might not be recommended for a basement framed.

Reliable Drywall Framing in Ottawa

It is almost impossible to ignore the importance of drywall framing when you are dealing with any kind of home project. It could be a major remodelling project, such as removing or adding walls or new construction. Or it could be a minor repair, such as hanging pictures or installing towel racks in the bathroom. Proper framing is essential for providing stability and strength to your plasterboard frame. Renos. Solutions is a professional and reliable framing contractor that can be relied upon for all your framing or drywall needs. Give us a call today or fill out our free quote form.

Drywall Contractors for framing addition to house Ottawa

Renos. Solutions pride itself on providing safe, reliable, and quality drywalling and Drywall Framing in Ottawa. You can be sure that every job will be done right the first time when you work with us. Renos. Solutions are the best choice for commercial and residential projects. For over a decade, we have provided affordable, high-quality drywall repair, installation, and framing services. We provide quality services in drywall framing and installation in Ottawa. We offer sheetrock hanging, fire-stopping, and ceiling tile installation for the interior and exterior. We are the most trusted source for drywall framing in Ottawa. We have over years of experience and can assist with any project, big or small. Free estimates are available for professional framing services in Ottawa.

Why choose us?

It can be hard to find the right framing or drywall contractor for your project. Renos. Solutions offer quality Drywall Framing in Ottawa at an affordable price.
We are a top-rated drywall framer and metal contractor. Our reputation is built on years worth of quality sheetrock framing and suspended drywall ceiling framing. We are one of the most trusted companies and dedicated to framing addition to house Ottawa.
Other services we offer include:

  • Framing a ceiling to be used for drywall
  • Basement framing and drywall Installation
  • Framing basement ceiling for drywall
  • Back framing for drywall
  • Studs made of drywall steel